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Welcome to fb_stillness

This is a community that is much like lotrstillness and inu_stillness. The only difference that this community is based on the manga/anime Fruits Basket. This community is a icon contest community that does NOT allow any kind of animation. Text, effects, brushes, etc. are all encouraged.


1) Respect all members of this community.
2) NO animation is allowed in your icon submission.
3) Please do NOT disrespect the moderators.
4) You must be a member in order to submit icons.
5) Do not take any icons without the makers' permission.
6) DO NOT vote for your own icon.
7) DO NOT re-crop or resize the base in any way.
8) Please keep your icon anonymous. Please don't show your submission to other users or use it elsewhere until the contest is over. If you do, you will be banned. Period.
9) All icons must be at LiveJournal standard (100x100px, 40kb).
10) If you break any of the above (unless otherwise stated) you will be warned. A second infraction will result in a ban.

How It Works:

honooko will post a base that is related to Fruits Basket on Sunday after voting is posted. Lyrics or other extras may be added. You have until before 3:00 pm PST on Sunday to submit the icon. Remember, animation is not allowed. Submit your icons to the submission post only, along with the URL and your username. On Sunday the icons will be posted in an entry where members are allowed to vote for their favorite icons until the next voting post is made. After that, voting ends and honooko will post winners.


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